PayRecord for iPad & iPhone


PayRecord personal time clock is available from the AppStore, PayRecord provides a quick and easy way for mobile employees to maintain an accurate, up-to-the-minute record of hours worked. PayRecord allows employees to organize their work time by day and work week. Time records can be sent via e-mail to a home office or payroll department from within PayRecord.

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  1. BulletRecord regular time, overtime, & double time

  2. BulletCalculates pay earned

  3. BulletCompatible with federal & 50 state labor laws

  4. BulletSend pay records via e-mail

  5. BulletTracks location of clock-in/clock-out events

  6. BulletCreates Quickbooks® compatible IIF file

  7. BulletCalculates regular time, overtime, and double time

  8. BulletEdit time records before sending

Quickbooks compatible personal time clock app